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African Safari

Travelmonke African Safari Tours

From the majestic hills in the east to the endlessly rolling plains of lush savannah in the south, Africa is definitely the ultimate destination for your safari holiday. You cannot think of a safari holiday without thinking of Africa; that is why we offer the best choices when it comes to Africa safari holidays. We take you to the hottest, coolest, and most elusive African safari spots on the continent. Your adventure plan for the ultimate African safari holiday is safe with us.

Our African safari tours are tailored to suit your diverse needs; be it an adventurous day in the park, a relaxing evening by the pool, or an eventful night in the wild- we have got it all. Indulge your relentless inner self by embarking on our hiking African safaris, racing against time, and harsh climatic conditions to reach the summit of some of Africa’s highest mountains like the Majestic Mountain Kilimanjaro where spectacular vistas of the horizon await.

Spend a night camping in the raw wilderness of Africa’s national parks listening to the mighty roars of the Lions or you could simply opt for a subtle yet fulfilling birding experience in one of Africa safari holiday tropical rain forests. Be apart of our exciting White Nile rafting on the popular River Nile, the longest river in Africa, or join us for a canoeing experience on beautiful lakes like Lake Michaelson. The African safari tours offer you endless opportunities to really get to know Africa.

The Masai in Kenya

African safaris are the perfect time to meet native African tribes, learn about their history, and participate in actual cultural traditions. A well planned Africa safari holiday will find you interacting with the local people like the Masaai, a tribe that survives with little dependence on technology or civilization, where you get to visit their villages, farms, and homesteads. Many times you might find yourself in enlightening situations like tasting local food, milking cows, and making local craft.

Africa is not only home to some of the most beautiful hills and plains but it is also the place to see the most eye-catching wildlife including all members of the big five. African safari tours are well planned and scheduled to introduce you to the endangered mountain gorillas, the rare shoe billed stork, and many more magnificent species. Explore the endless plains of Africa from the comfort of your tour vehicle spotting countless wildlife and spectacular scenery.

Mweya Safari Lodge in the Queen Elizabeth Park Uganda

Prepare yourself to have the best African safari adventure of your life with our convenient African safari tours transportation plan. We often have our team waiting with a well-experienced driver when you arrive to get you started on the Africa safari. Tourists are accompanied by a well-trained guide who will be availing them with the necessary information about their African Safari. Air transportation to African safari tours destination can also be arranged.

We understand that great accommodation can be the icing on the cake for your Africa safari holidays, that’s why we take the utter-most care in choosing hotels, lodges, and campsites that will both enable you to relax and fit well within your budget. After your day of our African safari tours, you get to relax by the pool at your lodge or perhaps have a drink on your private veranda overlooking the African wilderness with a chance to spot some game lurking about in the shrubs.

Some lodges like the Marula and Mfuwe lodge in Zambia offer golden African safari holidays opportunities to view wildlife up close. These lodges are known worldwide for an annual visit paid by a herd of Elephants in search of sweet fruit and pools to cool off in. A herd of Elephants visits Mfuwe lodge to eat mangoes that grow on a tree at the lodge seasonally. Such special, unplanned animal sightings and many more are a possibility on our African safari adventures.

Top African Safari Tour Packages

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Travelmonke is the ideal choice agency for a satiating African safari. We have the best Africa safari tour packages for you to explore all the major attractions across East Africa and Uganda –­ the Pearl of Africa. As you travel throughout the Pearl of Africa and her neighbors, we guarantee you state of the art facilities and services; from experienced tour guides to 4×4 wheel drive vehicles, luxury accommodation facilities, and affordable yet comfortable lodges, plus local and international cuisines.

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South Africa

Uganda is undeniable “the pearl of Africa” as she displays a gallant collection of beautiful natural features and a remarkable diversity in wildlife. Although her beauty is beyond measure, Uganda is rather famously known for her intriguing mountain gorillas. One cannot talk about an Africa safari holiday in Uganda without mentioning mountain gorilla trekking in the dense green jungles of Bwindi Impenetrable national park.

The intriguing mountain gorillas are so rare that they only exist in three countries in the world, Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo. The Bwindi Impenetrable forest that extends into DR Congo harbors more than half of the world’s mountain gorilla population. Be sure that your African Safari tours will include a trip to Uganda to view these gentle giants and many more spectacular animals.


Another quite intriguing delight is the Queen Elizabeth National Park. This park is the most visited park in Uganda. It is a popular African safari destination because of its tree-climbing Lions. These Lions were so rare that they could only be seen in two parks in Africa; Queen Elizabeth in Uganda and Serengeti national park in Tanzania. Today, other Lions have been spotted to mimic this odd behavior in Kruger national park in South Africa.

Heard of the humungous Nile crocodiles yet? This species of crocodiles are the largest crocodile in the world and they are believed to have the strongest bite force of all animals. On your African safari holiday in Uganda, prepare to watch these devils in action in Murchison falls national park. The park is not only a delight because of the stunning Murchison falls but for its unique wildlife including Nile crocodiles and hippos lounging about in the Kazinga Channel.


Flowing north from the colossal Lake Victoria, River Nile forms part of Uganda’s magnificent water system. The River is Africa’s longest river and is home to the iconic Nile Crocodiles which are believed to be one of the biggest crocodile species in the world. Your African safari tours will include intense visits to beautiful lakes like Albert, George, Kyoga and Edward and amazing African safari adventure activities like fishing and elusive boat cruises.

If game viewing is the ultimate motive for your African safari holidays, then Uganda is the perfect destination for you. With our African safari tours, we take you through some of the best national parks in Uganda each presenting its own unique traits; for example; Mt Elgon national park, Kidepo valley national park (a gem of the dry north), Kibaale forest np famously known as the primates sanctuary and many more Africa safari wildlife destinations.


With a bird count of over 1,080 bird species, tick birding off your African safari tours list. Uganda is a refuge to many a bird fleeing from harsh weather conditions from all over the world. Its warm agreeable weather attracts even the rarest of African safari birds like the Shoe bill, Grauer’s Broadbill, Green breasted pitta, Papyrus Gonolek and many more. Other nature Africa safari adventure activities will include; sight-seeing or landscape viewing and nature walks

The mountainous landscape is a tip of the iceberg presenting yet another African safari activity that is hiking and mountain climbing. Our African safari tours cater for all types of travelers including the more adventurous ones. Prepare for mind blowing view of mountains like the Rwenzori ranges, Elgon, Virunga Mountains and Moroto. Hot Air balloon safaris are yet another interesting feature of our African safari tours that you should not miss out on.

Kenya has been named by many as “the birthplace of the safari”. This is not only because the word safari originates from Kiswahili meaning, “journey”, but it is also because Kenya has some of the most breathtaking scenarios on the African safari holiday scene. With our African Safari tours, and your permission of course, we intend to help you explore all those amazing Africa safari spots Kenya has to offer.

You can never count Kenya out on an African safari adventure when you are talking about wildlife. The Mara region of Kenya is sprouting with such raw exotic wilderness that it would be impolite to arrange an African safari and not visit Masaai Mara national park. The park is the pride of Kenya with endless Africa safari wildlife views and magnificent ruffled semi-arid conditions. Other equally beautiful parks include; Amboseli, Mt Kenya np and Tsavo among others.

Kenya has an unbeatable love for wildlife; so much so that a trust has been formed to help support and raise orphaned Elephants and Rhinos. On your African safari holidays, you definitely should make it a date to the David Sheldick Wildlife trust; a charity foundation that raises, treats and caters for orphaned and sick Elephants and Rhinos. The trust was first formed by David Sheldrick but is now run by his wife following his untimely death.

For travelers looking to catch a glimpse of the African safari tours great migration, Kenya is the right place to be. Over 1.5m wildebeest accompanied by zebras and gazelles cross from the southern plains of the Serengeti annually into the Masaai region in Kenya in search of water and grazing plains. This migration brings with it remarkable African safari holiday drama between these animals and their predators that you simply must be part of.

Mt Kenya is not only the tallest mountain in Kenya but the 2nd highest in Africa as well. Our African safari tours are trimmed to include amazing African safari activities like hiking through such mountainous landscapes of rural Kenya. Give a chance to your adventurous side by racing against time and harsh weather to reach the summit of Mt Kenya. Other Africa safari holiday activities here might include; birding, sight-seeing and photography.

Lake Nakuru is yet another African safari adventure destination to reckon with. This vast magnificent lake is widely known by its immaculate display of pink hues of flamingos about its shores. The birds often gather around the edges of the lake to trap fish and small water life unknowingly giving the lake varied lovely shades of pink that attracts Africa safari tourists from all over the world. The lake forms part of Kenya’s great water system including Rivers Tana and Omo.

Some travelers will argue that the best part of their Kenyan African safari holidays is visiting the local community. Be it adrenaline gushing activities like mountain climbing, hot air balloon safaris, game viewing or relaxing laid back activities like canoeing, and landscape viewing, we cover it all on our African safari tours. Be ready to meet the local Kenyan natives including the Kikuyu and the Masaai with colorful crafts and a history waiting to unfold.

Famous for its endless plains of Serengeti, Tanzania is a must visit African Safari holiday destination on our well planned African safari tours. The country is unrivaled in wild beauty and diversity in wildlife. Serengeti national park is a series of open savannah plains spanning for miles and miles harboring iconic wildlife including the tree climbing lions and the elusive Roth’schild Giraffes. The word “Serengeti” is local dialect to mean “endless plains”.

For travelers that are into more adventurous African safari adventure activities, Mt Kilimanjaro is the place for you. The Majestic Kilimanjaro ranges are the tallest mountains in Africa and the highest point in Tanzania. Many tourists are attracted on African safari tours by these elusive mountain ranges. Prepare yourself for a mind blowing session of hiking and mountain climbing, birding, photography, landscape viewing and chimpanzee trekking.

Tanzania is the birthplace of the Africa safari great wildebeest migration. This is an annual migration of wildebeests, gazelles and giraffes through several parks in Tanzania during the dry season to the Masaai region of Kenya in search of water sources and grazing fields. Do not miss out on this African safari tours adventure. Catch the live action between predators and prey as the animals struggle to cross rivers like the Galana River.

Spanning off the tropical cost of the Indian Ocean, Tanzania is graced with marvelous African safari white sand beaches. If you wish to live a life beyond your Africa safari holiday dreams then Zanzibar is the place to be. Marvel at the beautiful scenery and sunsets in the horizon while planting your feet in the warm sea blue waters of the Indian Ocean on your African safari. The Mafia Island is a great place for snorkeling and scuba diving as well as fishing and birding.

Our Tanzania African safari tours are designed to give you the best cultural experience with plenty of local native tribes to visit. We take you through the Africa safari local homesteads of the Masaai where a colourful experience awaits. You can learn about their intriguing culture, their way of life and food. When planning an African safari, Tanzania is a must visit destination on top of your list.

Irrespective of Rwanda’s size, She is quite the African safari holiday destination to reckon with. The small vibrant country is an African safari refuge to plenty of wildlife and bird life alike. Rwanda is famous for its undulating landscape comprised of rolling hills, majestic mountains and a diverse eco system. While on your Africa safari, you will be exposed to a number of Rwanda goodness including its rich and almost traumatizing history.

Mountain Gorilla trekking is still one of the most undertaken Africa safari activity in Rwanda. The rather rare gentle giants can only be found in three countries in the whole world, that is; Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo. Your African safari will involve visiting the intriguing mountain gorillas in the lush thickets of Volcanoes National Park where a close encounter awaits. Spend time with the primates while getting acquainted with their way of life.

Despite enduring a rather traumatizing past, Rwanda has made a tremendous recovery and you can see how true this when you visit the Rwanda Genocide Museum on our African safari tours. The mass Rwanda genocide of 1994 was a horrific tribal mass murder between the Hutus and the Tutsis that left over 800,000 people, including children, dead in a span of 100 days. The museum was constructed to remember the victims of the genocide.

Apart from the enriching history you will learn about Rwanda on your African safari holiday at the museum, expect some entertainment as well including, music and traditional dances. The area also displays plenty of craft markets that sell a lot of colorful artifacts. You might just have the chance to taste the local Rwanda Africa safari food. The walls of the memorial are covered in names of victims of the genocide

Casting a dawn of hope over Rwanda, the Virunga mountain ranges are the pride of Rwanda African safari. The mountains offer rugged scenery over the horizon presenting many African safari tours opportunities like hiking and mountain climbing, nature walks and landscape viewing. The Virunga ranges are home to the mountain gorillas as well. You might also want to visit the Gorilla guardians’ village to meet the caretakers of orphaned gorillas.

For wildlife lovers, fill up your African safari list by visiting the various national parks each offering a new form of Africa safari adventure. Nyungwe National park offers you a chance at chimpanzee trekking while the nyungwe forest is the ideal place to for a birding Africa safari. Akagera National park is famous for its diverse wildlife and endless count of zebras. The park is also an asylum for the most sought after big 5.

When we talk of an African safari holiday in South Africa, many tourists think Kruger national park; but it is more than that. It is everything from the luxurious accommodations and exotic national parks to the richly diverse wildlife and a mish-mash of unrestricted scenery. We strongly believe that South Africa is quite an African safari destination to reckon with and that it deserves a spot on our top Africa safari destinations list.

South Africa has one of the most fascinating wildlife in the entire world. Planning your Africa safari to see Africa’s beautiful wildlife is about to be made easier. Big game parks like Kruger national park and Kgalagadi trans-frontier Park will definitely make your dreams come true. Catch all the members of the Big 5 as they grace South Africa soil all year round. Other animals like Giraffes, Zebras, antelope, Wildebeests and many others are available as well.

Game viewing isn’t the only Africa safari adventure activity that you will enjoy in South Africa. Prepare yourself for several fun African safari activities like Air balloon safaris where you enjoy an aerial view of the park and the Kalahari desert, birding, canoeing, fishing and diving. Make your journey to the sun hazed beaches along the South African coast highlighted by coral reefs and time to time; some African safari turbulent waves

Take a minute of your African safari holiday to explore the cities of South Africa. Johannesburg is the heart of the country, filled with typical city life; busy roads and heavy machinery. Taste some of the best cuisines and the most luxurious restaurants and hotels in Africa. Not only is South Africa one of the most developed countries in Africa but it is also one of the most industrious. Visit monumental sites like the Apartheid museum and the KwaZulu Natal.

Located in the southern outskirts of Africa, Zimbabwe is one of the best African Safari holiday destinations on the planet. The country has a rich history, a diverse assortment of wildlife, a radiant culture and an undying love of nature. The country has some of the best Africa safari lodges and dedicated tourism officials in the business. With our well planned African safari tours, you are bound to have the best time in Zimbabwe.

Every sector of the country has its own African safari uniqueness. Hwange national park is not only the largest park in Zimbabwe but the most visited as well. This is simply because the park offers an experience quite like no other in the country. With over 100 mammal species on open plains covered in dry wild savannah and acacia trees, it is the dream for any tourist that embarks on an Africa safari with the intention of viewing wildlife.

Other top national parks working with Hwange to give you the best wildlife experience are; Matobo national park, Matusadona national park and Gonarezhou national park. Mana pools national park is another wildlife haven in Zimbabwe. The park is labeled, “pools” owing to the presence of a dazzle of ox bow lakes randomly spread within the park. These lakes provide dramatic views between prey and predators especially during the dry season.

The Victoria Falls are the highlight of an Africa safari in Zimbabwe. River Zambezi flows along the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe where it stumbles over a 355 meter rock before plunging into a depression below. The Falls are over a mile long and following a winding path through the lush tropical forest, one comes to a gorge directly spinning from the Victoria Falls. This is a golden opportunity to come up close with the falls and hear its thundering sound in your ears.

An Africa safari at the Victoria Falls could just be the best moment of your life yet. Indulge your wild inner self in thrilling activities like, canoeing, diving and bungee jumping where you jump off a cliff and you are suspended in the air with a rope tied to your leg. The lush rain forest around the falls are a haven for a variety of bird species thus making certain you will have a great birding experience. The area is a great spot for photography as well.

Nestled between the great deserts of the Namib and Kalahari, Namibia is a private African safari holiday destination with ample wonder to blow your mind. From endless sandy stretches to dry open fields crawling with wildlife, we can safely say that an Africa safari in Namibia is worth betting on. Our African safari tours focus on exploring the best sites and wonders in Namibia, giving you your money’s and time’s worth of African wilderness.

When talking about breathtaking African safari adventure scenery, we cannot leave out the raw dry wilderness of Namibia. Even though she is located between two massive deserts, Namibia gives it her all when it comes to an Africa safari. Spot plenty of wildlife like Rhinos, Zebras and antelopes among others when on our African safari tours in beautiful places of Namibia like Damara-land, Namib Naukluft Park and Caprivi.

The sossusvlei and Fish river Canyon present for marvelous African safari adventure scenery well suited for photography, nature walks and landscape viewing. Take a picture against the rough background of red sand dunes or on top of a large canyon. Take in the complete wonder of the desert over a hot air balloon Africa safari, while your guide points out all the great attractions and spots that you ought not to miss out on.

Our African safari tours in Namibia reward you with a wide assortment of African holiday safari activities including photography, game viewing, hot air balloon safaris, birding, canoeing and so much more. The skeleton point is perfect for sky diving, fishing and boat rides. You might even catch a glimpse of the Victoria Falls on River Zambezi on your Africa safari. All in all, we are certain that you cannot regret your Namibia African safari holiday.

Despite being a landlocked country and a small one at that, Zambia is a top African safari adventure destination offering untamed wildlife goodness, stunning vistas and remarkable cultural experiences. Zambia really engages the big guns when it comes to blowing your mind and giving you a trip worth remembering. We make it a point to cover the most exciting spots in Zambia for your Africa safari.

The first thing that comes to a tourist’s mind when talking about an Africa safari in Zambia is the Victoria Falls. This is justifiably true as River Zambezi makes a spectacle of nature as it falls over 355ft and stretches for over a mile long. Located at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, the Victoria Falls are one of the world’s natural wonders. We guarantee that you will be awe struck at the site of these spectacular falls.

Tick game viewing off your to do list on this Africa safari holidays. When it comes to Zambia, expect a professional parade of a diversity of wildlife. All your wildlife viewing requests will be made complete with our Zambia African Safari tours in the best national parks in Zambia like South Luangwa national park, Kafue and Lower Zambezi National park. Animals like Lions, Elephants, Buffalos, Antelopes, Wild dogs and Giraffes among others.

Other Africa safari adventure activities that you should definitely try out include; hiking, birding, nature walks, sight-seeing, white water rafting, canoeing and bunjee jumping at the Victoria falls. The uptown side of Zambia has its woes as well. Great sites like Livingstone filled with industry life are a great place to fit into the social life. Make it a point to visit Lusaka to marvel at great buildings and sites within the urban setting.

Located in the arid plains of western Africa, Botswana is an unrivaled African safari holiday destination. The harsh contrast between the Kalahari Desert in the south and the water-logged depths of the Okavango delta and the Chobe River system earns Botswana a spot on our top African safari tour destinations. Having enforced a ban on poaching and hunting, expect wildlife in its abundance on this Africa safari to the west.

Botswana is an absolutely breathtaking African safari wildlife arena that you need to visit. Brooding one of the largest populations of Zebras in the world, your Africa safari in the west is about to be upgraded. The soggy Okavango delta, also known as the predator’s paradise, is a crucial survival point for the wildlife in the southern and eastern Botswana plains. Expect to see plenty of antelope, Wildebeest, Lions, Hippos, Giraffes, buffalos and wild dogs.

With our African safari tours, you can catch the world’s longest African safari migration as thousands of Zebras cross the iconic Botswana plains from the Nxai and Makgadikgadi pans to the Okavango delta and river Boteti during the dry season in search of grazing fields and water sources. Expect plenty of birding opportunities on your Africa safari holidays with specials like flamingos, ducks and pelicans in the Okavango delta.

The sandy African safari dry plains of the Kalahari are a refuge to the san Bushmen, a rather humble tribe of Botswana. These natives are however anything but timid. In fact, a cultural encounter with this group of intriguing and remote tribe might just turn out to be the highlight of your Africa safari tour. With our well planned African safari tours, we make your wish come true by organizing community visits where you get to meet the Bushmen face to face.

You will be quite amazed at how a remote tribe as the Bushmen survives in the warm country plains of the Kalahari Desert; how they collect their food and how their communities are organized. Your African safari holiday will lend you some insight about how to find water sources in a sun scorched earth, how to hunt for food and how to protect your property against wild animals in the wild Africa safari west.

Not only is Madagascar home to some of the world’s most unique flora and fauna, it is also the place to be on your African safari holidays to see the world’s largest population of lemurs. Spinning off from the Mozambique channel about 300 miles east of South Africa, Madagascar provides quite the elusive Africa safari. There are no migrations meaning wildlife is readily available all year round and we make sure you catch it on our African safari tours.

Landscape viewing and nature walks along white sand beaches are in store for you on this African safari adventure. Famous for its open skies, giant baobab trees and lush tropical rainforests, Madgascar is still the best place to take a nature walk safari. Take in some bouts of natural fresh air while on an Africa safari birding trip. This is also the perfect opportunity to capture those beautiful moments of your African safari tours against nature in pictures.

Your African safari tour will give you the perfect opportunity to view plenty of amphibians, bright colored Chameleons and different types of lemurs including; brown lemurs, mouse lemurs and Coquerel’s sifaka. Other animals to expect include Civets, fossa and Mongoose. For travelers looking forward to an exciting birding experience on your Africa safari, Madagascar is the place to be. With over 1000 bird species expect specials like sunbirds.

Explore the white beaches on your African safari holiday with plenty of activities at your disposal. If you are more on the adventurous side, then diving and scuba diving is the perfect adventure for you. The waters are warm and it is moderately safe to go diving. Other Africa safari activities that you could opt for here include; swimming, canoeing, fishing and rock climbing. Watch out for the ancient caves because the world’s only cave crocodiles are found here!

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Our tours are a careful selection of must-see sights and attractions. We take you to the most celebrated national parks and wildlife reserves while on our Uganda tours and travel. Over the years, we have made astounding discoveries into nature’s gems and our safari packages are designed to give you an encounter with the numerous wonders.



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Our Uganda tours and travels offers include; encountering the source of River Nile – the world’s longest river, hiking to Margherita – the highest peak in the Rwenzori mountain range, trekking mountain gorillas, wild safaris, boat cruises and guided nature walks to give you an encounter with the innumerable number of bird species and wildlife.

African Safari FAQS

All you need to know before traveling to Africa

Is Africa safe for tourists?

Although Africa has seen many traumatizing years of instability and war in the past, it is currently considered safe for tourists on an Africa safari. Many countries have deployed strategies to curb terrorism and thus ensure maximum security for nationals and foreigners alike. However, tourists are urged to observe basic safety procedures like leaving their valuables in the safety locks in their hotel rooms and walking in groups during an African safari holiday.

During game viewing and staying at the lodges, tourists are assigned guards to safeguard them from any wild animal attacks. Personal belongings including wallets and purses are best kept on your person instead of left in the car during your Africa safari adventure. Health-wise, most African countries are considered generally safe for tourists although certain vaccines are recommended prior to your safari.

There are so many countries, which one is best for me?

Africa is a unique continent bursting with raw wildlife goodness that you can never put in a nutshell. Each section of the continent provides a special Africa safari tour that can be tailored to cater for your adventure needs. East Africa is famous for its rich rainforests, rare tree-climbing Lions, endangered mountain gorillas of Uganda, the elusive Serengeti plains, and the annual wildebeest migration among other beautiful experiences.

West Africa is famous for its white-sand beaches and rich culture. When on an African safari holiday in West Africa, prepare for the ultimate unimaginable cultural experience involving learning about ancient African cultural practices like the birthplace of voodoo in Benin and many more historic events hidden in rock paintings and art. Central Africa is a tourism destination to reckon with. Expect amazing sights like the endangered mountain gorillas in the dense jungles of DRC.

African safari tours to the southern region of Africa will lead you to explore amazing sights like Kruger national park, the gem of South Africa, with its amazing vistas of dry savannah plains and front-raw-seat views of all member of the big five. Irrespective of which country you visit for your Africa safari, you are guaranteed to have the best time. However, East, Central, and South Africa is more rewarding for a wildlife safari.

What kind of accommodations can I expect?

We understand that the key to a great African safari holiday is a beautiful night’s sleep; that’s why with our African safari tours; we offer you the best African safari accommodations that fit right into your budget. Accommodations range from luxurious with 3-course meals, spas to mid-range accommodations and budget accommodations. Midrange facilities offer comfort yet are still affordable while budget accommodations often feature camps in the wilderness with campfires.

What vaccinations do I need to visit Africa?

Africa is a tropical continent therefore tourists need to obtain certain vaccinations before their Africa safari tour. Most African countries will request Yellow fever vaccine cards that’s why you ought to carry them with you. Other recommended vaccines include; hepatitis A & B, flu shots, and other child immunizable diseases like measles, chickenpox, and polio. There is a high risk of malaria so insect repellant creams and long-sleeved clothes are highly recommended.

What are the entry requirements? Do I need a visa?

Most African countries will require tourists to have a visa before entering the country. Travel visas can last for 30 days and more. While planning the best Africa safari, one has to safeguard their visa before the actual date of travel to avoid disappointments. Many countries offer online visas where tourists can apply and once they arrive for their African safari, they can obtain these visas in person.

For East African countries, it’s possible to obtain an East African travel visa to enable you to enjoy your Africa safari starting from Uganda to Kenya then traveling all the way to Tanzania and Rwanda. However, some African countries like Botswana and South Africa can be visited even without obtaining a visa as long as the Africa safari does not last more than 90 days. Please ensure to check with us or your travel company of choice on visa requirements before travel.

How do I pack for a safari?

To increase the flexibility of travel for an Africa safari holidays, tourists are advised to travel light. One should carry a few essential necessities and practical safari gear. The key is to carry what you will need most that you cannot obtain from the African country you are traveling to. Essential personal necessities like medication, toiletries, and undergarments should be carried along. Ensure that you have all your travel documents including visas and vaccination cards.

When it comes to clothes, Africa is relatively a warm country. You should then consider carrying light clothes to wear during the day. In the dry season, the nights and mornings are often chilly so remember to carry some warm clothes as well. Accessories like hats and sunglasses are essential during the hot weather. Most accommodation facilities come with laundry services so you don’t have to worry about running out of clean clothes.

How do you get to Africa, and how long is the flight?

Many African countries have international airports that can enable tourists to travel directly from the United States for your African safari. There are several African airlines like Kenya Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, and many others that tourists can opt for. Domestic flights can be chartered to the specific region of your African safari tours choice. Most national parks have their private airports so you can fly directly there if its your desire.

A typical Africa safari flight to Africa will take about 16 – 23 hours depending on where you are flying from and where you are going. We understand that these flights can be hectic and most travelers will experience jet-lag that is why we recommend that you travel a day or two before your Africa safari so that you get ample time to rest before your actual trip. It will also give you some time to organize yourself and warm-up for the fun days ahead.

What kind of food will be available?

Uganda, as do many other African countries, offers a wide range of both local and international cuisines. With our African safari tours, your meals are bound to be tasty and filling depending on your meal plan. Most lodges and hotels where you would be staying offer buffets of local dishes, international and oriental meals with several vegetarian choices. It is advised that tourists with special dietary requirements make them known prior to their Africa safari.

Anything else I should know?

There are several points for first-time tourists to note before your African safari tour:

Upon arrival, it is advisable to change some of your money into the currency of the country you are visiting at the airport. Also, remember to keep cash on your person as you might not get access to a bank on your safari. This will help make some transactions easier as you will learn that some lodges do not accept credit cards. In case one needs to tip staff or porters, these tips will best be given in the currency of the natives

Before your African safari holiday, make some research about the policies and rules of the country you are visiting. Some countries like Kenya and Rwanda are strict about cleanliness and have put a ban on plastic bags. Countries like Tanzania have laws against indecency and public nudity. It is imperative therefore that you make your research and liaise with your travel agency about the do’s and don’ts prior to your safari.

If you feel unsure about anything; be it a product, food, dress-code, or tipping, always consult with your guide. We understand that visiting a new country can be tricky and all these new policies can be confusing. You might often find yourself in an uncertain situation that’s why our guides are always at your disposal. To offer you the necessary information and guidance to make your African safari tour the best yet.

What are the best times of the year to travel?

Africa has fair weather in that we do not experience winter. However, the dry and wet seasons can greatly affect your Africa safari holidays if one travels within the wrong season. Game viewing is often best done during the dry season as animals are concentrated around water sources. The dry season is often from mid-December to February and June to mid-August. Temperatures are often hot around this time so remember to carry light clothes for the Africa safari tours.

The wet season is at its peak from March – April and September- October. Roads are often slippery around this time and wildlife is scarce. Most areas are flooded as well making navigation quite hard. Birding is best done during April since most bird species are breeding. While on an African safari, it is important to remember that December is a peak season for tourism and African safari tours are often expensive.

How much does an African safari cost?

An average African safari can cost from around USD125 to USD 1,500 per person on a daily basis. A tourist can spend around USD 125 – 150 on a budget safari per day while a mid-range safari offering mid-range accommodations could cost you about USD 350. Luxury safaris can cost about USD 750 or more and extra luxurious safaris can cost a whopping USD 1,500 or even more. The cost of your safari is often determined by your sleeping arrangements.

Are children able to go on safari?

When going on an African safari adventure with children, it is important to take a few things under consideration.

Age restrictions:
Some accommodation facilities have a minimum age restriction on guests staying at their lodges and hotels. Some facilities have a restriction of 4 and above while others have a minimum age restriction of 8 years. Similarly, children are not permitted to engage in some safari activities like Gorilla trekking as they may act inappropriately before the gorillas and cause them to get scared and runoff.

Before embarking on your Africa safari, it’s imperative to research the pricing plan for children or consult your African safari tours travel agency about your concerns. Some lodges and hotels consider children above 12 years of age adults and will price them as such. You will also come to learn that some facilities do not offer discounts for children less than 2 years while some others do.

Children’s activities and child supportive programs:
Some lodges offer elusive programs for children like drawing, painting, bug and butterfly hunting, swimming among other programs. A parent traveling for an African safari should make sure to look out for such lodges or make inquiries with their travel agency to secure such lodges. Some lodges offer babysitting services at an extra cost so that parents can enjoy their safari without interruptions.

Children’s safety is of paramount importance on an African safari. Parents are urged to ensure that they are always aware of their children’s whereabouts and fun activities. Some lodges have swimming pools and parents are advised to inspect those pools to make sure they are safe especially for children that are not expert swimmers. Dietary requirements for children should be made known to avoid allergic reactions.

General precautions:
Traveling with children on an African safari requires that parents take overall precautions for those children. Watch children at all times especially when outdoors and ensure that you make the best sleeping arrangements that they can benefit from. Some hotels and lodges can make a portable menu and meal program for children so that they are able to have their meals on time.

What type of safari activities will I be doing?

There are plenty of Africa safari adventure activities to engage in on an African safari. You can liaise with your travel agency to tailor your safari activities to your taste. You can expect activities like game viewing in some of the best parks in Africa, hiking over rugged terrain and hilly landscapes and nature walks through lush green tropical forests or along white-sand beaches; taking in great vistas and fresh natural air.

Many African countries have adopted hot air balloon safaris as a thrilling Africa safari adventure activity. So you can watch out for this as well while on your African safari tours. Other activities include; canoeing and fishing in some of the clearest waters you have seen, mountain gorilla trekking, bungee jumping, birding, Sky diving, White Nile rafting, landscape viewing, and cultural encounters where you get to meet the natives to learn about African culture.

How do I book my holiday to Africa?

Booking and planning for your African safari should not be something to stress over. With the right tools, resources, and the right people, you can make your dream the best reality it can ever be. However, before booking your African safari tours holiday, there are important points to consider that will help you make the right decision and ensure that your African safari is a success.

We have picked out these few guiding questions:

Do you have a definite travel period?
It is imperative that one knows exactly when they want to travel for their African safari tours before they book for one. Being certain of your travel date will help minimize risks of trip cancellations, overpricing, and unplanned risks like a sickness. One should be aware of the season they plan to travel in; whether it’s a peak season or low season. Knowing all this information before you book that safari will help you plan better.

Do you know exactly what you want to do?
Tourists should know what they want to do before booking for an African safari. Questions like; does this trip cover the activities I want to do? Will I be able to see the animals I want to see on this trip? Is this activity safe for me? will help give you insights into whether the trip is perfect for you or not, before you actually book for it. Knowing exactly what you want will help you get the most out of your African safari tours.

When a tourist knows exactly what they want, they can always measure the success of the Africa safari vis-a-vis what they expected or had in mind. Some activities might not be suited for you. For example; if you are not in good health, you cannot go hiking or mountain climbing. We strongly recommend you liaise with your travel agency about the specifics of the trip and what activities you actually want.

Do you have an ideal destination in mind?
Before booking any of the African safari tours, you ought to have an ideal destination in mind. Knowing exactly where you want to go will keep you on the right path towards booking for the right safari. Do I want to visit East Africa? Where exactly in East Africa do I want to go? What do I want to see there? Can I see the same animals at more than one destination? All these questions will guide you on booking the right safari.

Do you have a basic budget estimate?
It is strongly recommended that tourists have a basic budget in their minds before booking for a safari. You need to ask yourself questions like; how much do I want to spend on this safari? Can I really afford this safari? How can I get more out of my safari with what I have? Having a budget will help you choose the best African safari package without going way out of your pocket.

We recommend that you do your research about the kind of African safari you want, know where you want to go, what you want to do, and what accommodations you are looking and this will help you estimate a budget that you can afford. An estimated budget will help you get more for less from your Africa safari and will help you avoid unnecessary expenditure as well.

Do you have a purpose for your safari?
Whether it is for casual reasons, vacations, or honeymoon, ensure you have a purpose for your safari. Have a driving force for your Africa safari. Knowing why you are going on safari in the first place will guide you along choosing the best Africa safari activities for you, the best lodges, and the best destinations suited for you. It is recommended that you work out a tailored trip with your travel agency basing on the purpose of your visit.

Do you know your travel style?
Your travel style can mean how you want to travel; luxury or budget? Where you want to stay and the nature of African safari you want. Knowing your travel style will help you book an African safari tour package that enables you to have the best time that you have always dreamed of. Knowing whether you need a luxurious, midrange, or budget safari will ensure that you book the perfect safari for you.

Is your travel agency legit?
Before you book for any African safari, you should ensure that your travel agency is well established and registered. This will save you unplanned risks like missed flights, unprofessional services and not getting your money’s and time’s worth. A trusted travel agency will play a great role in the quality of your experience and your enjoyment of your Africa safari.

Do I need travel insurance?

Before determining whether you need to buy African safari tour travel insurance or not, there are some factors to consider:

Possibility of trip cancellation:
Whenever you anticipate the possibility of canceling your African safari trip, you might think about buying a travel insurance plan that covers payment for trip cancellation. Some factors may arise that might cause you to cancel your trips like the death of a family member, loss of a job, sickness, or natural disaster occurrence. It is recommended therefore that one buys insurance in cases like these.

Risk involved:
Africa is generally safe for tourists but there is some moderate risk involved for tourists on an African safari. Such risk includes sickness of a child or a family member from the visiting group, accidents, and natural disasters like storms, floods, and landslides. Although it rarely occurs, there is still a slight chance of delayed and missed flights. If you anticipate such risks, it is recommended that one buys travel insurance.

The danger involved with the safari activities planned:
African safari tours are well planned to ensure safety for tourists but even then, uncertainty is anticipated. Some African safaris activities like bungee jumping, White Nile rafting, mountain climbing, game viewing, and hot air balloon safaris may pose a certain risk to tourists. In cases like these, one should consider buying travel insurance to cover medical repatriation that might require flying back home on short notice.

The nature of your Africa safari:
The nature of your Africa safari tours here means whether it is a luxurious, midrange, or budget safari. Since travel insurance is costly, in cases where you are having a low budget African safari, you might not need to buy travel insurance. This will help save up on the much-needed money. However, if you are having a luxurious safari, you might want to buy travel insurance to safeguard your expenditure.

When is the great migration?

The great wildebeest migration is the annual movement of about 1.5 million Wildebeest along with Zebras and Gazelles across the plains of Tanzania and Kenya during the dry season in the search of water and greener grazing ground. The animals move for over 3,000km from the southern Serengeti plains to the Masaai region in Kenya all year round. However, the best time to see the migration is during the months of July – September.

Is there internet access at the lodges and camps?

Although some accommodations are a bit remote; located in the raw wild, you will be surprised to find that most lodges and hotels have free wi-fi running in the main lounge area. Luxurious accommodations often have free wi-fi in every room. For guests whose aim is to use the wifi, we recommend you opt for luxurious and midrange facilities as you might not find internent access at the campsites.

What is included in the safari cost?

Depending on your travel plan with your travel agency, a safari cost often includes transportation from the airport to your lodge or to the starting point of your safari and all throughout your safari; visiting national parks, Africa safari points, and returning to your lodge. Safari price also includes meals; (BLD) depending on your travel plan, park entry fees, and boat rides. Ensure a clear travel plan including all things covered by your payment with your agency.

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